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he just became like 50% carrot


Ep. 19 // Ep. 31 Onoda receiving compliments from his senpais

Me as Makishima Yuusuke
Photo by Chiara Dobe Vouldemort (thank you ;w;)
I’m really happy to have been able to cosplay him! There are a lot of things I like to improve ( like the make-up and also the wig is not so good—), so I hope to cosplay him  better next time (´∀`)

It hit me like a ton of bricks.


Mikashima’s casual outfit progress!!

Measuring out the stripes - green bias tape on chartreuse fabric about 1 1/4 apart - going to apply with with fabric glue for a seamless look (apparently green striped fabric doesn’t exist where I live ??????)
Bought some beads and strung those together with wire I already had and a gold clap ! :> I was going to get a simple gold chain but I saw these beads and, though I don’t watch the show, they made me think he would wear something like this haha

I’m making this for a friend ~ I’ll post more pictures once more is done

- sorikaro

Me as Dirk 
happytavros  as Jake


Aoba Episode 1:

Aoba Episode 3:

My prediction of Aoba in the final episode:

Back from 3 days of convention! It was amazing!
I also found some yowapeda cosplays. Here I am with  deviant-type  who is another adorable Maki-chan  (人´∀`*)